Small, stylish, and versatile, modern mobile devices have become powerful tools that incorporate touchscreens, cameras, media players, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, and Near Field Communications (NFC) hardware. As technology has involved, mobile phones have become about much more than simply making calls.

With the introduction of tablets and Google TV, Android has expanded beyond its roots as a mobile phone operating system, providing a consistent platform for application development across an increasingly wide range of hardware. Applications development consultant translate software requirements into workable programming code and maintain and develop programs for use in business.

Job titles and specific duties of application development may change between organization but the role usually involves writing specifications and designing, building, testing, implementing and sometimes supporting applications using programming languages and development tools. Applications development consultant usually work in a range of business sectors, including finance and the public sector. They often work as part of a team with other IT professional, such as software engineers and systems analyst, and write programs according to their specifications.

Android have Playstore for completing their performance. Playstore is a platform for the users, so the users can download all of the application for their smartphone. Annie Intellegence, is the one of instution who observe application market global. Last June 2014, they did research about top ten application development. The interesting things is four of top ten application development originated from China. Baidu is one of company who past Apple position in number ten. Baidu place in sixth place. The first place in top ten application development is Facebook from USA. Facebook has 36 applications inside, so Facebook be the largest application development until now.

Major software companies, such as Apple and Google, are disturbing the relatively safe and established actors of the mobile application development companies. These newcomers have caused significant structural changes by imposing and enforcing their own rules for the future of mobile application development.

The implications of these changes do not only concern the mobile network operators and mobile phone manufacturers. Therefore, developers need to assess what their options are and how they can take advantages of these current trends. This changed environment also brings additional opportunities and constraints for current mobile application developers. Development of mobile applications companies has generated more interest among the independent and freelance developers.

The constant improvement of hardware related to mobile computing clearly enchance capabilities of mobile devices. The potential of the mobile application market is seen to reach $9 billion by 2011, according to Compass Intelligence. Traditionally, in the mobile application development industry, there are several actors intervening along the value chain, in which each actor has its own importance. The current trends indicate that the market structure and value chain are evolving. Roles are changed, combined and exchanged. Some lost some control on the device some got new revenues streams and some became more seamlessly integrated into the platforms.

Since the mobile application development landscape has substantially changed over the past several years, mobile development platforms have become more integrated and generally play the role of application portal, device manufacturer or both. Application portals tend to become more centralized, facilitating the link between developers and consumers. Moreover, several new platforms entered the open source community to lower their costs and possibly extend their consumer market by lowering prices and as a consequence increase their developer pool. In this changing environment, choosing for which platform to develop reveals to be challenging and we proposed three simple criteria: market size and accessibility, career opportunities, and creative freedom.

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